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A Poem For Shelby
Posted on 09.27.2006 at 02:24 PM


A Poem For Shelby

- Sent in by an Anonymous Friend

Chapter 1 (2001)

She bears the name and curves of a fast car.
She has big plans to be a star.
She buys tall drinks from the bar.
She grins because tomorrow she’ll spar.
She stares intently, all the while
She’s quick to laugh, and always smiles.
She smells sweet. She’s soft and tan,
Hard to believe she hits like a man!

With her wide unblinking eyes,
She hands defeat to average guys.
She breaks noses and chokes them out,
and eagerly awaits her next bout.

But she has issues to escape.

She joined the Army when she was of age,
and readied missiles to vent her rage.
She puts all in her life on hold,
Only working for the gold.
She gets a fracture, some swelling, a strain,
She’s injured, but continues to train.

Chapter II (2006)

She was beaten badly her first bout,
She got herself up, and got herself out.
She left this place to find better schools,
and trained with a legend to sharpen her tools.

She set a record for fastest knockout.
One right hand ended the bout.
That pretty little fighter called "Girl"
rose to thirteenth in the boxing world.

She made headlines in Tokyo,
Reality TV was filming her show.
"I told you so," I would have said,
but I got the call - she was dead.

Did she go on her own, thinking it was her time?
Or was she cut short before her prime?
I never saw her after she left on her way,
She was bound for glory and could not stay.

I meant to say I was sorry for the way that we parted.
I hope she knew how far she rose from where she started.

-- Anonymous
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