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Shelby Walker Talks Cage Fury & Much More
Posted on 06.22.2006 at 12:11 AM

"Shelby Walker Talks Cage Fury & Much More"

By: Kal Thompson of

Kal: Since your last boxing match versus Mia St.
John, what have you been up to in relation to the
sport? Have you been doing any training? Do you have
any boxing matches planned in the near future?

Shelby: To be perfectly honest, in the ring against
Mia St. John, I made up my mind that I was done with
boxing. After the third round, I decided that was it;
I wasn’t going to box anymore.

Kal: What was it about that fight, or about the sport
of boxing in general, that made you want to hang the
gloves up?

Shelby: I have fought for three titles. I have fought
all of the best women in boxing, without any amateur
fights. I was lucky enough to fight the best. During
my career in the sport, I always went to their
hometowns in order to fight them. I never received any
breaks from the refs. I’ve been on the receiving end
of many head-butts, rabbit punches, hits behind the
head, and low blows. You name it, it happened. I
finally decided that I’d just had enough.

Kal: As for as your MMA career, do you plan to stay
active as a competitive fighter in the sport of mixed
martial arts?

Shelby: MMA is my first love. I decided that I wanted
to compete after watching Royce Gracie and Ken
Shamrock during the first UFC. I love the competition,
but I think that I have more to offer the sport of MMA
by educating people, working for promotions, and
conducting interviews. I won’t say that I’ll never
compete again, but for now, I’m focusing on other
areas within the sport of mixed martial arts.

Kal: I understand that you recently completed the
taping for an upcoming reality television series. Can
you tell us a bit about that?

Shelby: We just finished the filming of the
presentation. It’s called “The Eye Of The Tiger.”
They’re still not sure which network will carry the
series. It will be presented and offered to several
different networks. The taping went really well. I
think the U.S. is ready for this show, especially with
the success of the “Million Dollar Baby” movie. This
show will give the viewer a first hand look into the
lives of several female fighters.

Kal: What were some of the highlights for you, during
the filming of this show?

Shelby: I had an exhibition bout against Melissa Del
Valle. She is a four or five time world champion. It
was an awesome bout. I feel that I did really well.
That fight was on an AFC card in front of my
teammates; and I felt very good about it. I loved
fighting at home.

Kal: What is the exact storyline of the series? Does
the camera follow you home? Are any other fighters

Shelby: They picked three female boxers; all of us are
from different parts of the United States. We all had
different reasons for fighting, and totally different
lives. We all have our own segments. The focus on the
fact that I started fighting in MMA, and then started
boxing because I wanted to make fighting my career. It
was just so hard to find enough MMA fights.

Kal: Do you have any current plans to work with an
organization in front of the camera, or possibly doing
some color commentary for an MMA promotion?

Shelby: Right now, I am working for a new promotion
called “Cage Fury Fighting.” It’s in Atlanta City. The
first show that I will be working will be on June 30th
on Atlantic City Boardwalk. The promoter of the show
is Felix Martinez. He really has a love for the sport,
and wants the show to be a success. He knows the “ups
and downs” and I feel that he is in it for the long
haul. Ideally, I’d like to work for the UFC.

Kal: Are there any immediate plans for future shows
in regard to the “Cage Fury Fighting” promotion?

Shelby: There is another show scheduled for August,
already. I will be interviewing some of the fighters,
as well as the fans. I really look forward to the
entire experience.

Kal: I believe that the fans will enjoy hearing from
a female who not only has experience competing in MMA,
but also good knowledge of the sport.

Shelby: I’m glad that I already have the experience,
from the reality show, of working in front of a
camera. I’m going to be able to bring in the
perspective of someone who has knowledge of the sport
due to the fact that I have been living it for years
now. I am really looking forward to this opportunity.

Kal: Are there any other MMA organization that you
would like to work with?

Shelby: I really want to help Cage Fury become a
successful big show. They are really taking good care
of me. They have expressed that they want to keep me
around. I feel that I have a lot to offer any show.
Obviously, I’d love to work for a huge organization
such as UFC, Pride, or the IFL. I’d be
willing to look over an offer from any major MMA

Kal: Best of luck with “Cage Fury Fighting
Championships.” Do you have any other news that you’d
like to share with the readers?

Shelby: Be sure to visit Feel
free to stop by the forum and say hello. I am on there
all the time.
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