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Eddie Mustafa on Shelby vs. Mia St John
Posted on 04.12.2006 at 11:30 AM

Eddie Mustafa on Shelby vs. Mia St John
By Scoop Malinowski

Former Light Heavyweight champ and world class trainer Eddie Mustafa Muhammad explained what happened to his charge Shelby Walker in Saturday night's somewhat controversial TKO 4 loss to Mia St. John in Nogales, AZ.

"Well, what happened, from the fighter herself, she told me she had a crook in her neck," said trainer Mustafa Muhammad by phone on Monday evening. "It was hurting to move her neck. After the third round I asked her if she could fight. She said, No, my neck is killing me. So I wouldn't let her go out for the fourth round. I told her, If you can't fight, this is over. I wouldn't send her out at less than 100%."

The controversy started before the fight even began. Mia weighed in at 138 1/2 which was over the contracted amount of 135. Mia threatened to pull out. Then Walker's purse was increased to make up for the weight violation and the fight was back on.

Round one was close, Shelby may have shaded it. In round two, both boxers landed simultaneous right hands. "It was a double knockdown," said Mustafa Muhammad. "Both landed right hands and both went down. But the referee only counted for Mia. They both got up at the same time. But the ref didn't count Shelby's knockdown of Mia. The referee made a bad error. After the fight I asked him about it. He said, 'I know. He told me just like, I know.' And the referee was a good fighter. He fought (Ruben) Olivares. He blew that call there and I let him know about it."

Then the boxing match turned into a wrestling and holding mess. "Both were wrestling and holding. It was cold out there (it was an outdoors fight). It was about 49-50 degrees, with a little wind. I warmed her up pretty good. It was even, both giving and taking. Both trying to connect with right hands. Shelby hurt her neck in the second round during all the wrestling. Both of them were doing a lot of holding and grabbing."
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