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Submitted by Comments:
Name: Angela Barton
From: WA
I am finally ready to write to you has taken me a month to get my head back on straight and to accept that my childhood best friend and sister is gone! I lost touch with you and tried so hard to reconnect so many times...did you get my email in July?? Did you think about our fun times when you did? I am sad to think that you were alone that night with just your phone..I am mad at you know that? Do you know how hurt I am that we can never reconnect again and talk about the old days or maybe even the new ones? I am sad that you never got to meet my boys! I missyou and wish you would have reached for us...we would have helped in any way we could have..I guess you could say I am at the guilt stage of my grief! I want so much to wake up and this be a damn dream..nightmare more like it! Well I hope you have found peace now sweetie..and please knwo I have always believed you and in you! You always had a sister in me..and always will!!! I love you Shelby and we will see each other again! TKO baby!!!
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Submitted by Comments:
Name: Jennifer Miller
From: Gonzales, Texas
I got the honor of being one of Shelby's childhood friends, during the brief time she lived in Gonzales. I remember going to her house & her coming to mine, we did a lot of talking. I even remember her spending the night at a slumber party I had. I just wish we would have kept in touch. She truly was a great person, with a heart of gold. She will forever be in my heart & memories. Got bless her as she watches down over us. Until we meet again, love ya girl.
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Submitted by Comments:
Name: sally falcon
From: Corpus christi tx
I wanted to stop by and pay my respects to the family and friends of Shelby Walker. My name is Sally and I met Shelby around six years ago and she left quite an impact on my life. She introduced me to the sport of kickboxing helping me with my battle with weight loss and helped me stay fit, always the first to remind me to stand up for myself and for what I believed in, she was and will always remain an inspiration. I am thankful to the man up above for bringing her into my life. God Bless
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Submitted by Comments:
Name: Rosie Martinez
From: Kingsville, Texas
Wow ... it was a shock to here u were gone. I still remember ur ambition for life , even when we were young and rebellious.... haha .. I know you would laugh if I said that. Last time we talked was several years ago when I saw you here in Kinsgville. You mom is right .. u were a beautiful and wonderful person .... I am sure , ur name and YOU will never be forgotten ....

I know you are at a better place now .... and Aaron is lucky to have had you as a mother ....

Rest In Peace Shelby .. :) ....

Always, (your friend back then and now)
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Submitted by Comments:
Name: Shelby Girls Mom
From: 3 Rivers TX
I have set up a memorial website as well.
She was a beautiful person and a wonderful daughter as well. Don't think of her death as a fight she lost, but as her Win. She has KO'ed the pain she has been in for so many years. She is at Peace now.

While we didn't want her to go Home like she did, we as her family find comfort that she is now at rest and will cry no more. She was the best daughter, mother & sister in the world.
We will love her as we loved her here on earth, forever, until we see her again someday.

Loujean (Jeannie) Stauffer-Miller
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Submitted by Comments:
Name: Matt
From: Alabama
Hey Shelby, it was always a great honor and pleasure to develop your website. Its sad that I won't ever get to work with you again because of this terrible tragedy, but I know God wanted a fighter like you by his side.

May you rest in peace Shelby Girl.

Your designer,
Design Pros
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